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(2015) The headline price for a half bottle of this wine is £6.99, and I could easily recommend it at that. But until the end of August 2015 it's down to just £5.24, and at that there is absolutely no reason not to indulge. With 200g/l of residual sugar it is fully sweet and lush, with a fabulously opulent Muscat nose, overflowing with fresh grapes and flowers. The palate has a massive, unctuous presence: there is surely some Botrytis here, as cold tea and barley sugar notes join the nectarine fruit, with a background of faint nuttiness. It is motuhfulling and ultra-luscious, and with a tangy orange acid excellent balance, in an inexpensive wine that delivers a joyously simple mouthful of sweetness to to cope with even the sweetest desserts.
Displaying results 0 - 1 of 1