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(2004) The 2002 vintage was a Wine of the Month on wine-pages, and St Gisbertus have turned in another little cracker from the warm 2003 in the Rheinhessen. Made mainly from Ortega and Optima, this has a very elegant botrytis nose with notes of orange and honey, barley sugar and deep-set apricot and fig. On the palate it is delightfully fresh, with plenty of fruit, a lovely shimmering sweetness, and fine but gentle citrus acidity to balance. This actually has decent length too, and is an inexpensive wine I'd be happy to sip with - or instead of - dessert.
(2001) There are notes of honey and fig immediately suggesting botrytis, with a lovely candied yam quality. Very rich and unctuous on the palate with a juicy, sweet nectarine and ripe mango fruitiness, but maintained and lengthened into the finish by fine acidity.
(2001) Lightly honeyed nose with little peach kernal nuances and lots of fat, sweet, plump fruit that is pillowy and peachy. The palate shows nectarine and rich tropical fruit, and though full and wrapped in sweetness, an elegant acidity balances and it finishes with great style.
Displaying results 0 - 3 of 3