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(2021) This is the special 50cl bottling for Waitrose that I've recommended in previous vintages, and which always pleases. Honey, glycerine and fig on the nose, then an unctuously thick palate of apricot and marmalade, full sweetness, and the acid has a certain creamy softness to it that smooths the picture, though of course is more than sufficient to balance. There's a nectarine juiciness here that offsets the viscous richness, in a pure and delightful wine. Watch the video for more information.
(2020) Bottled exclusively for Waitrose in a very attractive 50cl format, Disznókő is a master of ensuring elegance and freshness, even in its sweetest wines - this is 5 Puttonyos, so will have at least 120g/l of residual sugar. A light gold in colour, the aromas are of apricot, honey and juicy mango or nectarine, vivacious and bright with a streak of lime, the more subtle creamy and barley sugar notes sit beneath. Apricot and a marmalade orange brightness and yet burnished depth on the palate, the acidity is exemplary in a delightful dessert wine for fruity tarts rather than Christmas pud, or for blue cheeses or indeed, to sip on its own at the end of a meal.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2