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(2012) Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, this lacks a little fruit, but has a pretty commercial style, with a touch of residual sugar.
(2011) A touch of mealiness and of herbal quality, in a nice clean style. Some creaminess in backgroiund. Plenty of green fruit acidity and majors on lemony fruit.
(2011) A blend of mostly Rhône varieties. A touch of meaty, plummy character and quite nice fruit on the palate, with a warmth and robust red fruit. Finishes with a little sweetness that is flattering against the rather inky tannins.
(2011) Nice, bright, bold Cabernet fruit with a touch of leafy mint but good blackcurrant characer. The palate has a cool, celan fruitiness, with a certain juiciness and plenty of hefty, grippy tannin in the finish.
(2011) From a certified organic vineyard. A bit of charm on the noie here, with a touch of creaminess to the fruit. The palate is dense and quite fleshy, a touch of sulphur evident, big chewy tannins.
(2011) Quite a perfumed character, with an inkiness too and red cherry and plum notes. Big and grippy, but a rounding sense of vanilla and very deep and mouth-filling fruit.
(2011) Bold and dep fruit, good black fruit and plenty of oak adding vanilla and cream. The palate comes good, with a smoothness to the tannins on this wine (though still huge) and the solid fruit quality coming through. Very good balance in this wine, and long too.
Displaying results 0 - 7 of 7