Wine writer Tom Cannavan publishes, and hosts fabulous Zoom tastings at

Tom is a true pioneer of wine on the Internet, launching back in 1995. Having previously picked up awards including Louis Roederer International Online Wine Writer of the Year and the Portuguese wine industry’s award as Wine Journalist of the Year, the latest trophy on his shelf is the big one: International Wine Communicator of the Year. Tom is also a popular broadcaster on TV and radio.

Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art, Tom had a spell as a professional musician, and still plays with his band Restricted Code. He then began a career as a teacher, but his passion for wine burned brightly  and he began writing for magazines and newspapers in the early 1990s. By 2002 he had made the switch to full-time wine writer, broadcaster and wine judge.

AwardTom has carved a reputation in print too, writing for many titles and writing or contributing to 10 wine books. An experienced wine judge, Tom has judged some of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions on four continents, chairing at competitions in the UK, Italy and Georgia.

Acclaimed for his knowledge and effortless style, Tom is regularly called upon to present masterclasses to the wine trade across the UK, and as a public speaker he hosts fun wine tastings for corporate and private clients.

Tom’s wine scoring system

Awarding scores to wines is a controversial subject, but the world has adopted the ‘100-point’ system as a default. To allow comparison with other critics Tom includes a score, as well as social media share icons, for every wine he reviews:

96-100 – Exceptional. A profound wine that exemplifies the very best attributes of its kind
91-95 – Outstanding. A wine of great quality that is well worth seeking out
86-90 – Very Good. A strong wine with true character that provides enjoyable drinking
81-85 – Average. A wine with no serious flaws, but no distinction
71-80 – Below Average. The wine may have a noticeable flaw
01-70 – Seriously flawed and impossible to recommend.

Tom on TV and radio

Having made 100+ live broadcasts for Scottish Television’s magazine show, The Hour, Tom is an experienced and skilled broadcaster. He is also resident wine expert on BBC Radio Scotland.

As Scotland’s most recognised wine authority, Tom’s expertise and enthusiasm is widely acknowledged, whether presenting the finest wines to professional audiences, or in his TV and radio work. Broadcasting from the studio, tasting wines with celebrity guests or filing reports from the field, Tom always enjoys the chance to communicate his passion for wine. Watch this taster, and see Tom’s YouTube channel.

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