is an online wine magazine that has been published by wine writer Tom Cannavan since 1995, making it one of the world’s pioneering wine sites.

Over the years wine-pages has also evolved into one of the world’s biggest and most visited sites on the subject of wine. It houses a vast repository of wine information consisting of many thousands of pages, yet it is also vibrant, topical and interactive, with features such as forums, quizzes, competitions and events.

Amongst the site’s thousands of pages are over 30,000 wine tastings notes, hundreds of in-depth features, comprehensive guides and resources and food and travel-related articles. The site’s discussion group, The UK Wine Forum, is one of the most active and influential wine communities in the world with hundreds of people participating at any one time.

Wine-pages is entirely free to its readers, and is financed through wine advertising. However, Tom Cannavan and wine-pages remain fiercely independent, accepting no money for endorsements of wines or products, refusing to publish ‘advertorial’, and never taking commissions or referral fees on wine sold through links or adverts on this site. is one of the most popular of all wine-related web sites, with 400,000 unique visitors per month and over 28,000 newsletter subscribers. To learn more about advertising opportunities, click here.