(2020) This is the second wine in a can that I have chosen as Wine of the Week in the past year or so, but in both cases its the packaging factor and understanding that this is a growth area in wine retailing that has driven the choice, as much as the liquid inside. Don't get me wrong, this is a decent Sauvignon Blanc coming from bush vines, dry-farmed in the Darling region of the Western Cape, but apparently sales are increasing three-fold year on year for wines in this environmentaly-friendly packaging, and just check your supermarket shelves next time you are in. First of all, the wine is dry with only 2g/l of residual sugar, and it's a well-tempered example, not to herbaceous but with a bit of grassy punch, and the fruit all lemons and crunchy apples, with that dry, balanced finish. 250ml can is two standard glasses, or one-third of a standard bottle.
(2020) A very unusual non-vintage wine in that it is 90% Chenin Blanc, with 10% of added Merlot. In a 250ml can, Cloof stress its low carbon footprint and unaffected quality. Its a deeply coloured pink, the nose showing a little toffee apple character, some pulpy strawberry too. In the mouth it is crisp, apples and lemons, just a hint of briar and cherry, and dry in the finish. Pretty far from 'Provençal' in style, as it is described in the Cloof literature, but the standard two-glass serving in its lightweight can may appeal for picnics, etc. Coming into stock at time of review.
(2020) Another wine in a 250ml ringpull can (aluminium and recyclable), this is 100% old-vine Grenache and is organic, from vineyards in Navarra, Spain. It pours a pale and vibrant rose pink, with quite mellow aromas, lightly creamy red fruits. In the mouth it is lively, with a very gentle spritz on opening that dissipates, then sweetly-ripe, strawberry and papaya flavours and gentle acidity making it very easy to drink and picnic-friendly. It's quite widely available, and 31Dover.com sell a four-pack for just under £15.
(2019) Cheap rosé in a 250ml ringpull can, a French wine but packaged in Germany. Should we even bother to taste it? Well, the 'single serve' wine and convenience markets are apparently booming with more and more such wines finding shelf space, so although I find the whole presenation particularly dodgy - a lounging, pubescent-looking girl in short shorts adorns the pink can - I decided this is one to be approached with an open mind. The stuff inside is Grenache I believe, and the aromas are gently summery, with berries and light grassiness. The palate is dry and nicely balanced, and in truth the wine is a good quality quaffing rosé. So, with this concept apparently popular, if it works for you, it can be recommeded. Price for the 250ml can. For more information please watch the video.