(2024) Hattingly describe 2022 as "an unusual year," with double the normal sunshine hours during the growing season in some sites. This Chardonnay was whole-bunch pressed and 76% barrel fermented in old barrels, though only 19% was aged barrel for eight months. Around 60% of the blend went through malolactic fermentation. It's a fresh but meally, almondy wine, with plenty of crunchy yellow apple and citrus, but a suggestion of creaminess to the aromatics follows through to the palate. Lemon and orange on the palate is juicy and ripe - it's a crisp, light style, and yet there is texture and depth. Very well done in a broadly Chablis style.
(2024) It's fair to say I probably enjoyed this a little more than the fruity and pert Fiano in the same range, that feeling just a little bit too 'manufactured' for my tastes. This Sangiovese from Emilia-Romagna comes across as more straightforward and honest, plenty of cherry and red berry aromas, a hint of spice and smokiness, and a decent balance of acidity gives it freshness. Tannins also add a touch of rustic grip on the finish to make it quite a satisfying, if not terribly distinctive Sangiovese of good quality. Watch the video for more information.
(2024) A wine from the Eden Valley, made in a joint project between Jeffrey Grosset, famed for his iconic Clare Valley Rieslings, and Robert Hill Smith of the Yalumba family of wineries. Waxy and floral, its flits around Paraffin and minerals, a squirt of lime. The palate has a certain richness, a hint of peach but big core of citrus. Despite being bone dry and having all that lemony thrust of fruit, there's a certain weight and extract here that makes it feel relatively rounded and full.
(2024) This organic certified Riesling from actor Sam Neill's Two Paddocks estate is in the just off-dry style of so many Rieslings from the Central Otago area. Floral, talcum power overtones sit on crisp apple. The palate has that light sherbet sweetness, but a big juicy thrust of lime acidity powers through, then the peach-down hint of tropicality reasserts. This finishes dry and decisive, the clean acid framework winning the day.
(2024) Pleasing floral and lime fresh aromatics, hints of spring flowers, no waxy/mineral notes to speak of. A fair bit of residual sugar here, pitching this firmly into off-dry to medium-sweet territory, plenty of peachy, ripe fruit against a balancing orange acidity. Aperitif style, and well done.
(2024) From a vineyard at 480 metres, one of the highest in the Clare Valley,there's petrol and beeswax in the aromatic mix here, as well as cool and pristine limey fruit. I really enjoyed the very dry, shimmering citrus and cool, crisp apple crunch of this, the finish showing a little salts and spice.
(2024) Maybe this wine just hit my particular sweet spot, but I loved it. Initially there are waxy, parrafin notes in abundance, a fine mineral sophistication, and abundant lime fruit. In the mouth it's ravishing stuff, textured and citrussy with a certain fat, but with such vivid, streaking mineral and lime juice core.
(2024) From the Watervale district of Clare, the Stanway family first planted this vineyard in 1974. There's an intriguing hint of crushed almond and honey that's soon swept up in aromas of spring blossom and lime. A little beeswax nuance is delicate and peripheral. In the mouth there is a juicy peach ripeness at the core of this pale, almost transparent wine, but plenty of decisive, lemon zest and cool apple acidity too that balances any hint of sweetness and leave a zippy, taut impression.
(2024) Made exclusively with free run juice, this comes from a very cool vintage and despite a touch of residual sugar (4.4g/l) it is a zingingly fresh, mouth-watering dry wine. Citrus and white flowers dominate the nose, zesty and floral. In the mouth that squeeze of lemon juice freshness really bursts onto the palate, and this appears to be bone dry, the acidity and linear quality of the fruit deliciously energising.
(2024) With a huge total acidity of 8.2g/l this is as sharp as a tack, aromas of icing sugar and lime also have a ripeness to offset the crystalline precision. The palate has a sheer, bone-dry precision between its lemon and lime, taut fruit and shimmering acid length. Invigorating stuff, and rather fabulous. Price and stockist quoted at time of review are for a previous vintage.