Tom presents a Champagne opportunity for the trade

champagne bottle

Please note that having posted this request/opportunity in June 2012, there was a flurry of responses from UK importers who were interested, and by January 2013 one of those had become the official and exclusive new importer for the UK. That importer, and the identity of the mystery Champagne, is revealed in Tom’s follow-up article, Mystery Champagne unmasked.

Are you looking for a Champagne to import into the UK, USA or Australia?

I don’t usually get involved in this sort of thing because I never stray across the line between critic and consultant, thus cannot afford to get bogged down in work for which I will have to refuse payment! However, there is a Champagne available with exceptional quality-price ratio, a brilliant blanc de blancs signature cuvée, and a wonderful stock of mature vintages ageing gracefully in magnum. The producer is not well known, but has a name that could very easily be marketed. I won’t get involved in any negotiations, but I can give an indication of price, which according to their ex-cellars list is 13.70 Euros (minimum quantity one pallet of 480 bottles) for their Brut Reserve NV.

As for size, I know they would be happy with 10,000 6-bottle cases in the UK, but could easily supply double. In the USA, this Champagne has just agreed distribution for New York, New Jersey, Nevada (Las Vegas), Connecticut and Florida, but the rest of the country is open and representation Australia is totally non-existent. This is such a rare opportunity that I would kick myself if there is someone out there looking for a Champagne at the moment, so I’m doing this for free.

When this Champagne is placed, I will publish a full profile on, so that others can find out what all the mystery is about.

Posted: 19th June 2012.