1. Joe Lane

    Advice on where to start

    Hey, I've recently been trying to expand my 'alcoholic horizons' by trying more wine. I've typically stuck to beer, lager and whisky in the past but have started drinking more red wine due to a love of port and found I really like some of the wines I have tried in restaurants and such. I...
  2. Luke Hector

    Beginner Wine Drinker - Buying My First Cabinet

    Hi! I've enjoyed wine for a while but mainly while out on meals or having a get-together. I intend to do more hosting at my place as well as subscribe to a wine case provider and so I want to start storing my wines in something suitable for them. However not knowing much about the subject...
  3. B

    Louis Roederer 1928 champagne

    I have recently come across a bottle of Louis Roederer 1928 champagne, being a complete novice when it come to the world of wine I was banking on someone providing me with some information on this bottle, I have spoken to a few wine merchants but they been very unhelpful and extremely rude...