1. David Crossley

    Benjamin Lewin Alsace Book: Any Good?

    Having bemoaned a lack of a book on Alsace I notice Benjamin Lewin wrote one (2018) which I hadn’t come across. Now I’m betting it hasn’t been much read here, because the Alsace fans have so much knowledge and expertise themselves, but if anyone has, I would love to know what they think? I...
  2. John Simson

    Aged Alsatian Gewurtz

    I enjoy young Gewurtz and it's ridiculous Five Alive-esque qualities. No experience of it with bottle age though. Recently took a punt on a Boxler Gewurtztraminer Reserve from 2009 that I spotted gathering dust in a French caviste. What should I expect? And more generally, does Gewurtz age well?
  3. David Crossley

    Wine Book Queries

    Two new wine books caught my eye recently and I'm really keen to find out whether anyone has any feedback which will help me decide whether to buy them. The first is Paul Strang's "Languedoc-Roussillon" (2nd edn, 2017) which I think came out at the fag end of last year. I do have his now...
  4. David Crossley

    Calling Alsace Fans (help request)

    A few of you know that our trip to Japan and Nepal was brought short, and we have decided we need a quiet week away when the dust has settled. We are currently looking at Alsace. We do know the region well, and have been half a dozen times. We are looking to stay up near Andlau/Mittelbergheim...
  5. B

    Valpolicella and Alsace

    I am driving to Verona in a few weeks time. I will also stop off in Alsace on the way back....hopefully with a boot full od good wine. I would be very grateful if somebody could recommend a good wine book for Verona in particular. Basically I need a list of good wineries to visit. Suggestions...