1. Ben Coffman

    Odd and unfair auction terms & conditions

    Hi all A strange one this, So I thought I would tap the forum's collective wisdom. I recently placed a commission bid for a wine at a regional auction house, with a bid in the middle of the estimate. Imagine my surprise when I was emailed by the auctioneers afterwards and told I won the lost...
  2. A

    A reliable firm to collect and forward bottles won at Auction?

    Can anyone recommend a company to collect and forward bottles won at auctions particularly in the Midlands and the South West? The company I used to use turned out to be extremely unreliable.
  3. M

    Auction Tennants Fine Wine Sale 22nd April

    Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder about Tennants Fine Wine & Whisky sale which is this Saturday (22nd April). There is a good selection of both duty paid and bonded wine headed by two cases of Lafite 1990 (£5000-5500 each) and six cases of Hermitage la Chapelle 1990 (£3500-4000 per case)...