1. Stas Medvedev

    TN Fontanafredda 160th Anniversary Vertical Collection 1982–2010

    ‘The king of wines, the wine of Kings’ — is said about Barolo and true for Fontanafredda. Based in Serralunga d’Alba, winery played crucial role in history of Barolo. Founded by Vittorio Emanuele II, the 1st King of Italy in 1858. The history of estate is like a rollercoaster ride and reminds...
  2. O

    TN Piedmont 2019 - Trip Report

    We are currently staying in La Morra for a few days before heading down to Tuscany. This is the third year in a row we have stayed in the Langhe at this time of year, and the first two times I have failed to write anything up despite saying I would. Let’s see if I can do better this year... We...
  3. R

    Barolo 2015 First Impressions

    My first proper look at the 2015s from Barolo yesterday at an organised Anteprima tasting for the trade. A collection of very good producers, a number of which were tank samples. The list included Boasso, Boglietti, Brezza, Burlotto, Castello di Verduno, Cavallotto, Ciabot Berton, Luigi...
  4. David Crossley

    Ultravino at CitizenM

    Did anyone go, other than the four of you I spoke to? I was impressed, perhaps even more so in some ways than it the last Tasting I went to at 67PM. In part that was because the 2013s were a bit more bedded down and were (for me) showing their potential. My assessment: Roero is increasingly a...
  5. Simon Woolf

    Barolo producers who don't use oak?

    Does anyone know of a Barolo producer who uses no oak, at least for their non-DOCG wines (as the DOCG dictates that there must be a minimum of 18 months of barrel ageing)? I know there are the traditionalists like Conterno who just use botti, but I wondered if there is anyone who is only using...
  6. P

    TN A superb holiday feast at 1789 restaurant in Washington D.C.

    Leave it to Randy McFarlane to organize such a great event. I have known Randy and his wife Caroline for over 10 years now and we get together annually on several occasions to drink and eat. Drink great wine, eat great food. Life is too short. Yes indeed! And thanks to Randy, I re-discovered...