1. F

    Many Books about Wine

    I have spoke to Mr Cannavan about this a few months' back and he said it was ok for me to put this on the forum. ---------------------- My step-father recently died. He was an avid wine collector and had quite a few books on the subject that he collected over the years. I would like to sell...
  2. B

    Food Books on food

    Whilst I am not completely averse to the glossy food porn that seems to accompany any restaurant launch, tv series or book contract granted to a chef who has run a successful restaurant, I do miss books which really encourage gastronomic understanding. I shall be re-reading Patience Gray's...
  3. David Crossley

    NWR What are we Reading?

    I read just the book for many winepagers over Christmas, you know, those who get upset at the misuse of language and grammar. I admit I have been known both to criticise, and far more often, to be a culprit. It's Steven Pinker's "The Sense of Style", a Times Book of the Year. A really good...