cellar advise

  1. Simon Wheeler

    Cellar mould

    My cellar is around 5 years old, it’s a purpose built exterior build partially sunken in the ground and temperature controlled. Occasionally I get waves of mould on some of the containers, I’m assuming due to some increased moisture, I’m wondering how much of a problem this is, I could run a...
  2. kieran hynes

    Will these drink well now?

    I know that every year when we get a couple of nice days in the UK a thread is started on storage and safe temperature in general, but I'd be grateful if you'd indulge me and perhaps offer your thoughts specifically regarding a few wines. My storage at home is an area between the hall and...
  3. Alan Martin

    How many bottles constitute a "cellar"?

    Dear Forum Members, I have been collecting wine for a few years now and wondered what people's opinion was on how many bottles you need to own to consider yourself as having a "cellar". Over the years I have built stocks in reserve heading for 700 bottles, mainly Bordeaux, Rhone, Southern...