1. Paul Anderson

    Test Your Chablis Knowledge

    Found this fun quiz. First two levels are OK (I got full marks on each one :)) but the 'expert' knowledge one was quite tricky (only managed 4/11 :(). Games - The wines of Chablis
  2. Stas Medvedev

    Non-oak Chablis aging

    What is the potential for aging fro non-oak Chablis from your experience? I had 20 years old village Chablis by Jean-Marc Brocard from Magnum and it was shining with well-developed tertiary aromas. Beautifully aged Chardonnay. I do have similar pleasant experience with oaky style of Chablis...
  3. Hisham Kalam

    Buying Chablis armed only with the label.

    I was faced with a dilemma the other day. Two £15 Chablis at M&S. Same price, same year, same producer, all Chablis. But one from a named vineyard(just a different place no clarification - just a name) , the other is organic (which I don't care much for). A challenge for making the choice when...