1. Stas Medvedev

    Contemplating of Verzenay

    Feeling champagne thirsty, I opened the wine cabinet and with a predatory gaze started scanning the shelves in search for a suitable victim to satisfy my cravings. I picked Bollinger PN VZ 15, a recent addition to the family of this prominent maison de Champagne. Instinctively, I looked up the...
  2. Stas Medvedev

    Getting geeky about Chouilly

    Today I got really geeky about Chouilly terroir. Chouilly is the first village East of Epernay at the northern frontier of Côte des Blancs. Simply take Avenue de Champagne and continue till you reach Chouilly. Back in times of échelle des crus, the village was ranked Grand Cru for Chardonnay...
  3. Stas Medvedev

    TN Meunier drama

    Rare occasion to taste together two expressions of Meunier modernists. Polar in style and each signed with its vintage character. Mousse preferes the stainless steel tanks as opposed to Benoit Dehu who has affection towards the oak, which I suspect developed even stronger when he worked in...
  4. Paul Anderson

    Henriot Champagne Advice

    Anyone with any views on Henriot and their Brut Souverain NV in particular?
  5. Stas Medvedev

    TN Champagne Billecart-Salmon Champagne Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon 2007

    I always struggle with rose champagnes. Somehow they don't convince me and almost never justify the price tag. But there are a few which I am satisfied with. Cuvee Elisabeth is definitely in my top list. Its first vintage is 1988 and was created as a counterpart to another prestige cuvee of the...
  6. Stas Medvedev

    TN Champagne Vazart-Coquart TC 2015 BdB Grand Cru

    This new cuvee is the result of Jean-Pierre experimenting with ovoid terracotta vessel, thus the name. Fruit comes from a single lieu-dit of Les Aventures in Chouilly Grand Cru, Cotes de Blancs. This chalky parcel is located at the foot of the Château de Saran making a distinct signature to...
  7. Stas Medvedev

    TN The Trinity of Vazart-Coquart

    Brut Reserve - Extra Brut - Brut Zero When I first came across these 3 cuvees, I was puzzled. Blend is all the same - 65% of base year, two previous vintages 5% each and the rest 25% is perpetual reserve aka "Solera". All come from the same 11ha own vineyards in home village of Chouilly Grand...
  8. Stas Medvedev

    TN Mailly Champagne Grand Cru Magnum Collection

    Champagne Mailly is counted by many as the best cooperative (RC) in Champagne. A collection of 80 winegrowers, representing 25 different families, Mailly Grand Cru controls 485 parcels of vines spread over 70 hectares, all in the village of Mailly. Today, no other producer so strongly defines...
  9. Stas Medvedev

    Champagne Solemme profile

    I have just published an article with profile of vigneron in Montagne de Reims. He farms organically and follows biodynamic principles. Small domaine happens to be the neighbor to Emmanuel Brochet. Feel free to read the article and will be interesting to hear your comments. Has anyone tasted...
  10. Stas Medvedev

    TN Drappier Millesime Exception 2006 Magnum

    Disgorged in February, 2018 after more than 10 years aged on lees. Liquid gold color. Very complex and rich aromatics of mature champagne with bread, almonds and hints of citrus fruits. Lots of freshness due to recent disgorgement. Creamy soft texture and fuller body. Floral touch of Chardonnay...
  11. Stas Medvedev

    TN Peculiar champagnes

    Quite a peculiar champagne tasting we had yesterday Duval-Leroy Petit Meslier 1998 (93pts) ☝️It is the only Cuvée in Champagne produced with this extremely rare single variety. 1998 was their 1st vintage. Fruit comes from a vineyard in Venteuil in the Vallee de la Marne. Duval-Leroy produce...
  12. Stas Medvedev

    Astonishing rediscovery of M&C Brut Imperial

    How many of you think that Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial is mass market entry level champagne with strong branding and deep marketing pockets?⁣ ⁣ Well, it might all be true, but nevertheless it is high quality product. I know many wine enthusiasts find it boring and lacking personality as...
  13. Paul Anderson

    Carbon Champagne?

    I was watching the latter stages of the F1 Japanese Grand Prix today and noticed that the podium is now sponsored by Carbon Champagne. Who are they? Where are they based? I've never heard of them but their cuvees seem to be very expensive (£250+ a bottle). Anyone tasted any of their offerings...
  14. David Crossley


    Not, so far as we know, a cause of Lymes disease, but a closure made by Diam (or whoever is the company behind the Diam brand) specifically for sparkling wine. By coincidence I have had a few corked Champagnes this past twelve months, which is not only a shame but an expensive shame for all of...
  15. Filippo Nanni

    To Krug or Not To Krug?

    just picking everyone's brain here: is there anything better than Krug MV in its price bracket? It does not have to be in the Krug Style either or be a Grand Marque. It can be young or old. I can't think of many examples but maybe I am just having a blonde moment. Thoughts?
  16. J

    Wine valuation

    Helle Wine-Pages community I recently bought a bottle of Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill 2002 magnum at a very favourable price. When i received the bottle i noticed a kind of "burned in circle" in the glass. It looks a little like an oil stain, but can not be washed off. It is only seen when...
  17. B

    Louis Roederer 1928 champagne

    I have recently come across a bottle of Louis Roederer 1928 champagne, being a complete novice when it come to the world of wine I was banking on someone providing me with some information on this bottle, I have spoken to a few wine merchants but they been very unhelpful and extremely rude...