1. Ian Sutton

    Minor defect - embedding videos and using the 'more options' or 'preview' buttons

    When clicking on more options or preview within a reply, any already typed message is cleared down (text + embedded video). Any text should be retained when pressing these buttons
  2. Ian Sutton

    Viewing pictures and avatars

    There is some inconsistency, as some people can view all pictures loaded & all avatars loaded, whilst others can see just a limited number of avatars and no pictures. See Keith's post in the wine forum for examples.
  3. Ian Sutton

    Avatar issues

    See Otto's thread on Avatars. The problems seen are delays in people seeing a changed or new avatar Avatar changed itself back to on older image (may have been down to having 2 tabs open) Trudi's avatar disappeared Problems are not re-occurring, but let's just keep an eye out for issues