1. Alistair Scott

    See, wine even better for you than expected

    Apparently good for gums and sore throats with solid anti-bacterial effects - light-weight and heavy-weight articles below:
  2. Warren EDWARDES

    NWR Health

    It is the time of year for sniffing and sneezing. Don't be tempted with these packets of lemon flavoured powders. They are just Paracetamol plus acid, lemon, colouring and flavourings. Some of them also include Phenylephine Hydrochoride. But this is none other than Sudafed a decongestant...
  3. Warren EDWARDES

    NWR Health

    I have never heard of a real wanker getting Prostate Cancer. Now we know why. One orgasm per day 'can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men' I must say I find this very...