1. Paul Anderson

    NWR Paolo Rossi RIP

    Sad news that Italian footballer, and the star of the 1982 World Cup, passed away. Only 64 years old.
  2. R

    Barolo 2015 First Impressions

    My first proper look at the 2015s from Barolo yesterday at an organised Anteprima tasting for the trade. A collection of very good producers, a number of which were tank samples. The list included Boasso, Boglietti, Brezza, Burlotto, Castello di Verduno, Cavallotto, Ciabot Berton, Luigi...
  3. Simon Woolf

    Barolo producers who don't use oak?

    Does anyone know of a Barolo producer who uses no oak, at least for their non-DOCG wines (as the DOCG dictates that there must be a minimum of 18 months of barrel ageing)? I know there are the traditionalists like Conterno who just use botti, but I wondered if there is anyone who is only using...
  4. Simon Woolf

    Amber Revolution - the world's first book to tell the full, forgotten story of orange wine - pre-ord

    Anyone interested in the extraordinary history behind orange wine (white wine made with long skin maceration) - perhaps the world's oldest wine style - should check out my forthcoming book Amber Revolution. The story takes in Friuli, Slovenia and Georgia, also profiling around 180 producers...
  5. Filippo Nanni

    The Italian Job – 16 Aug 2017 – A New Wine Cellar? – From Page 2

    Hopefully the first in a series of (bi-)weekly contributions from the Bel Paese.
  6. L

    Travel Taxes import

    Hey all, I'm doing some business with my Italian cousin. The other week he brought a selection of wines over and we did a few taster sessions with some restaurants and got some really positive reviews. We want to start bringing more of this stuff into the UK from Italy but we're struggling to...
  7. John Simson

    Pinot Grigio question

    As the family's resident "bloke who knows about wine" I have just fielded a call asking me to recommend a "nice bottle of Italian pinot grigio for around £20" for some distant relative's birthday. I failed dismally to do so, knowing almost nothing about the grape.But for some reason I offered to...
  8. John Simson


    Needed some white wine for cooking and spotted this. Having never even heard of the grape, I decided to give it a try: Co-op Truly Irresistible Fiano di Benevento 2014 (£6.99) Straw/golden colour. Nose still blocked so not much to report there. Palate is intense, elderflower and peaches, a bit...