le grappin

  1. David Crossley

    NWR Le Grappin, Mark Haisma, Jane Eyre Tasting

    Anyone going? With the usual short notice that tastings organisers seem to give, I just got the email saying it's at Vinoteca City this time (Bloomberg Arcade near Cannon St/Mansion House). Tues 14 Jan, 10-8. **Not sure how to amend the title but this tasting also includes the wines of Mark...
  2. David Crossley

    Le Grappin drinking?

    I've been spending way too long in the cellar today, treading on bottles as I search for wines to drink over the coming fortnight. Almost at the bottom of one pile of cases are two boxes of Le Grappins. Can anyone advise me on drinking windows for the red Beaune Boucherottes. I have multiple...
  3. David Crossley

    Le Grappin Drinking

    I meant to bring a 2013 Beaune Boucherottes up here with me, but grabbed a 2012 in error. I’m not sure this was a ready. Some tannins covering the wine’s delicate fruit. As I think quite a few forumites buy Le Grappin I wonder whether a more general discussion on the drinking dates for all...
  4. David Crossley

    The Ozgundians in Soho

    So, Mark, Andrew and now Jane were joined by Jérémy and the Dagon chappies, plus some bottles from Vincent for their annual Vinoteca tasting. This time they chose Vinoteca Soho, first floor instead of basement, still tiny but way better light. The 2015 wines on show were, for me...