1. charlestaylor

    Obaideh and Merwah

    The components of Musar white. I had always thought that these were synonyms of Chardonnay and Semillon, but read today in the Purple Pages forum that Juan Villanoz has DNA tested them and they are not identical to those two; or indeed to any other known varieties. He's at pains to point out...
  2. Hisham Kalam

    TN New INFO from my friend Michael Kalam. 100% Merwah from Lebanon.

    16 April at 20:59 · A very exciting moment tonight. Was given a sample bottle of Lebanon's first serious Merwah varietal by Chateau Ksara, the winery that laid foundations of the country's modern wine industry back in 1857. The Jesuits who pioneered those wines would have been very familiar...