1. Paul Anderson

    NWR Dave Greenfield RIP

    Very sad news to hear that The Stranglers keyboards virtuoso passed away last night. He was in hospital for heart problems and contracted Covid-19. Personally gutted with this news having been a Stranglers fan since the beginning of their career and have seen them live 63 times between 1977 and...
  2. Paul Anderson

    MR: Too Old For Rock 'n' Roll?

    Just read this 'The road will kill you': why older musicians are cancelling tours as well has taken delivery for one of the Glasgow dates on The Stranglers 'final full UK tour'. Mr C was wise taking a 40 year break from touring :) to staging his rejuvenated comeback tour.
  3. David Crossley

    NWR Record of the Year 2019

    So much good music. Here are my three suggestions. 1. Nick Cave - Ghosteen. Cave has changed since losing his son. If the last album seemed bleak, this one whilst seeming to address loss, does have hope. It has been said that you need to be able to handle genuine anguish to listen to it, though...
  4. David Crossley

    NWR Grateful Dead Request +

    Those with a distaste for Cali-hippy music look away now. The Grateful Dead have always been a blind spot for me. I've never owned a Dead album. Recently I've been thinking I really should educate myself. There seems to be a divide, even between open minded and genuine musos...they are either...
  5. David Crossley

    NWR Keith Flint RIP

    Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea here but Keith Flint, singer in The Prodigy, found dead this morning. A band mate has suggested suicide. Another creative genius living between two worlds. Sad news, I think he was 49. Highly influential and whenever I saw him interviewed he seemed a really nice...
  6. David Crossley

    NWR RIP Pete Shelley

    just heard this sad news, suspected heart attack, only 63. Shelley was important to many of us of a certain age, I know, and it is always sad when someone who has contributed so much dies so young. We seem to be entering that time of year again. But it’s scary as well that, whilst some live...
  7. Jonathan Hesford

    NWR Organising Classical Music for Network Players

    I'm planning to upload and buy a collection of classical music to my hard-drive for playing via a streamer. It's likely that I will use a number of different streaming devices, each of which have their own apps for choosing music. However, they all essentially look at the "tags" on the music...
  8. Warren EDWARDES

    NWR DJ Tips

    Any current or former DJs out there? I've just started Tango DJing. At the moment just using a pre-prepared playlist but planning on using specialist DJ software. As I am on Linux it is Mixxx software.
  9. John Simson

    Wine in Music

    Disappeared down a Wikipedia rabbit hole the other day and discovered Al Stewart's Down in the Cellar: Apparently featuring such unforgettable numbers as "Waiting for Margaux" and "The Shiraz Shuffle". It got me thinking - if anyone could put together a vinous playlist, it would be the...