natural wine

  1. Simon Woolf

    Aldi's £5.99 orange wine

    So Aldi seems to have caused a bit of a stir with their newly released "orange natural wine"... I was curious about who was making it, and how on earth they can do it for such a low price. It turns out it's made by Cramele Recas, one of Romania's largest wineries, and owned by a Brit to boot...
  2. Simon Woolf

    Amber Revolution - the world's first book to tell the full, forgotten story of orange wine - pre-ord

    Anyone interested in the extraordinary history behind orange wine (white wine made with long skin maceration) - perhaps the world's oldest wine style - should check out my forthcoming book Amber Revolution. The story takes in Friuli, Slovenia and Georgia, also profiling around 180 producers...
  3. Simon Woolf

    The madness of Italian wine bureaucracy, part 993

    I thought people may be grimly fascinated by the latest example of Italian wine law idiocy. I was visiting Sasa Radikon in Oslavia yesterday. Fans of Radikon's wines will know that one of their "entry level" bottlings is a Pinot Grigio with 30 days of skin maceration. They've been making and...