1. Alan Martin

    How many bottles constitute a "cellar"?

    Dear Forum Members, I have been collecting wine for a few years now and wondered what people's opinion was on how many bottles you need to own to consider yourself as having a "cellar". Over the years I have built stocks in reserve heading for 700 bottles, mainly Bordeaux, Rhone, Southern...
  2. Ian Black

    Orange Port?

    White port is something I wouldn't normally bother with. However - on a recent trip to Portugal, I was amazed by the quality of the wood-aged white ports. Like tawny ports, these have allowable age categories of 10, 20, 30 and 40 years, very old, and colheita. Colheita white has always been...
  3. Daniel Williams

    1956 Wines / Ports ?

    Hello, Whilst i await privilidges into the vinxchange im trying to source some 1956 port or wines - i am a wine merchant by trade but tend not to deal in stuiff of this age my usual channels for this sort of thing have come up dry! so i thought id ask for some forum advice the bottles arnt to...