red wine

  1. Joe Lane

    Advice on where to start

    Hey, I've recently been trying to expand my 'alcoholic horizons' by trying more wine. I've typically stuck to beer, lager and whisky in the past but have started drinking more red wine due to a love of port and found I really like some of the wines I have tried in restaurants and such. I...
  2. D

    How long these wines can actually last?

    Hello I've found these forums and thought I might pop in and say hello. My name is Dagnis and I've travelled around the world for the past year and tasted many red wines. Each region I visited to taste a wine, I always get a bottle from that region and place it in my little wine cellar. I've...
  3. Ben Franks

    Poll Can you help with Ch Musar Vintages?

    Hi everyone, I am looking to introduce a classic Chateau Musar red to my business' wine list and wondered if anyone knew or had opinions on the four vintages I am interested in, which are: 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2003. I tasted them all and enjoyed them in different ways but I'm curious what the...
  4. Jonathan Beagle

    Experience with 2012 Red Burgundies?

    Currently tucking into a 2012 Bourgogne Rouge "Oka" from Domaine Arlaud... they've changed the naming on the label from the first time I picked this up at the local merchants when it said "Domaine Arlaud", but now has their "funky" A &Arlaud logo. It started off very grumpy and uncouth... oaky...