1. Alistair Scott

    New restaurant booking marketplace

    Just received an email talking up rezexe Apparently it will be a marketplace for restaurant bookings - you can sell on or seek unwanted bookings. There are various places listed, so assume they have agreed to participate and honour such transfers. I see you can 'buy' a table for 8 at the Medlar...
  2. Paul Anderson

    Food Interesting Read in The Guardian

    One good thing about being on holiday is that you actually have time to read the newspapers. I came across this The rise and fall of French cuisine in today's Guardian.
  3. Alistair Scott

    Food North London Eating Thread...let's give it a go

    Having just enjoyed a splendid Thai meal at Farang (more below) I thought it might be worth trying to kick off a Norf London food thread, plaudits and disappointments and all. I am Catholic in my tastes and indeed my definition as to what constitutes North London - perhaps mid-Upper Street and...
  4. J

    Travel Rome restaurant/wine bar recommendations?

    Anyone got any restaurant/wine bar recommendations in Rome, particularly if they are near to Campo de' Fiori? Thanks!