1. David Crossley

    Sherry Baby

    A version of the Sherry Round Table met at Pizarro in Bermondsey for lunch yesterday. All the wines were very good to off the scale and the food matched well. So well that the prodigious quantities soaked up all the alcohol and left me feeling sober enough for a couple of glasses at Winemakers...
  2. Warren EDWARDES


    In Waitrose ... out of stock in Edgware Road branch
  3. Warren EDWARDES

    TN Room Temperature Manzanilla

    I didn't have anything in the fridge so I opened a Sainsbury's Manzanilla sitting in a wine rack in the warm kitchen. It is really lovely. The nose is huge and so is the palate which is very long. A budget wine of course but very nice indeed. I reviewed it on the other forum and seem to...