south africa

  1. Ben Coffman

    Platter 2021 five star winners

    Just been announced with Winer of the Year Kleine Zalze. Lots of familiar names. A few I don't know at all. AA Badenhorst Family Kelder Steen 2019 Red 2018 Raaigras Grenache 2019 Alheit Vineyards Cartology 2019 Magnetic North 2019 Hemelrand Vine Garden...
  2. Julian Seers-Martin

    Travel Wineries worth visiting in Franschhoek

    Evening all. A very old friend of mine is lucky enough to be going on a surprise trip to Franschhoek, thanks to his particularly thoughtful wife. She's asked if I could suggest a winery that might be worth them visiting, perhaps somewhere that they could eat, too. Wine is very much a casual...