1. D

    How long these wines can actually last?

    Hello I've found these forums and thought I might pop in and say hello. My name is Dagnis and I've travelled around the world for the past year and tasted many red wines. Each region I visited to taste a wine, I always get a bottle from that region and place it in my little wine cellar. I've...
  2. John Simson

    Travel Wine/tourism/family fun around Chinon

    Going to be spending a week in Lerné, 10km south west of Chinon, in mid-July. It's a family-oriented affair so wine tasting/buying opportunities will be limited. That said, I'd still be very keen to hear any recommendations for good cavistes or growers to visit in Chinon. I am a big fan of...
  3. B

    Valpolicella and Alsace

    I am driving to Verona in a few weeks time. I will also stop off in Alsace on the way back....hopefully with a boot full od good wine. I would be very grateful if somebody could recommend a good wine book for Verona in particular. Basically I need a list of good wineries to visit. Suggestions...
  4. John Simson

    SWR: Things to do in Paris with a baby

    Got a long weekend coming up in Paris at the end of the week. Haven't actually been for a decade and am feeling a bit out of touch. Any tips for things to do would be greatly appreciated! We're staying right near the Canal St Martin just behind the Gare du Nord, a short walk from Belleville...
  5. J

    Travel Rome restaurant/wine bar recommendations?

    Anyone got any restaurant/wine bar recommendations in Rome, particularly if they are near to Campo de' Fiori? Thanks!
  6. D

    Travel History of Languedoc

    I'm travelling to Languedoc next summer (10 nights self catering by the coast near Beziers in June) and am interested in finding out a bit of the history of the region before I go. I am starting from a baseline of almost complete ignorance. All I know is what is mentioned (briefly) in the...