1. Stas Medvedev

    Astonishing rediscovery of M&C Brut Imperial

    How many of you think that Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial is mass market entry level champagne with strong branding and deep marketing pockets?⁣ ⁣ Well, it might all be true, but nevertheless it is high quality product. I know many wine enthusiasts find it boring and lacking personality as...
  2. J

    What is this wine?

    Hey guys! I have a bottle of wine where of which I cannot figure out the origin and the value. I'm not thinking of selling this bottle, but since I cannot figure out what this is, my curiousity has been created. I hope someone can help me with this, thanks in advance! Greets, Joep
  3. P

    TN An LBV that some experts rated higher than veritable vintage

    It was great to taste this and other Port wines at the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho in Lisbon, thanks to Adegga Wine Market's André Cid Proença and André Ribeirinho. Ribeirinho is writing the chapter on Portuguese wines for Hugh Johnson's latest edition. It was a blind tasting in four...