white burgundy

  1. Alistair Scott

    Not quite the end of civilisation as cheap white Burgundy triumphs

    Without wishing to pre-empt the wisdom and analysis of TC, interesting how significant cheaper white burgundy is in the 'Budget White' category of Wines of the Year - lots of Aligote but some Macons and BB too. Quality up? Or drinking getting more diversified? Would previous years have been...
  2. Paul Anderson

    Is White Burgundy Still Top Dog?

    Apologies for the length of this ramble. The TN - NW chardonnay v Burgundy shoot out tasting sparked a couple of very interesting side debates, but mainly the one about whether White Burgundy still deserves the title of ‘The Greatest Ever White Wine’. Assuming it ever did? If it doesn’t then...
  3. Paul J a i n e s

    DIAM - yes please!

    Not seen a thread on this on the new Forum. Picking up from a few comments on the Burg 2014 thread about which producers use DIAM, and how that would be a part of whether you purchased the wines or not..... I am very pro-DIAM - had a lot of crappy poxed wines from wines that should have been...