white wine

  1. Hisham Kalam

    TN New INFO from my friend Michael Kalam. 100% Merwah from Lebanon.

    16 April at 20:59 · A very exciting moment tonight. Was given a sample bottle of Lebanon's first serious Merwah varietal by Chateau Ksara, the winery that laid foundations of the country's modern wine industry back in 1857. The Jesuits who pioneered those wines would have been very familiar...
  2. V

    Fanzia Moscato wine

    Hey all, I was in the US recently and tasted Fanzia Moscato (I prefer white). Since returning I have searched for the wine without luck. It is a very popular wine in the UK and great as a desert wine. Any one knows if this wine is available in the UK?
  3. Warren EDWARDES

    Room Temperature Whites

    I'm drinking a room temperature (because I was thirsty and nothing suitable in the fridge) Waitrose Manzanilla. The palate and nose really come out at room temperature rather than chilled. I'm really enjoying it. It isn't crisp but has quite a rounded big mouthfeel. Any thoughts on room...
  4. Warren EDWARDES

    TN Room Temperature Manzanilla

    I didn't have anything in the fridge so I opened a Sainsbury's Manzanilla sitting in a wine rack in the warm kitchen. It is really lovely. The nose is huge and so is the palate which is very long. A budget wine of course but very nice indeed. I reviewed it on the other forum and seem to...