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    Best Wine Pairing For Moussaka? and why would it compliment it?

    I am doing research on some Wine Food Pairings. What would be the best Wine Pairing for Moussaka and why would it compliment it or go well with the dish? One i have in mind already is an Agiorgitiko but not sure how it would compliment the Moussaka. I am also new to the Wine scene so am...
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    Help Identifying

    I was recently left 3 bottles of wine by a friend of mine whom happed to be a wine lecturer and specialist! I was just intrigued in what I have! I can not find the maker Jules Verreau anywere!! There a two different wines both by the same maker with out dates. One is a Corton and the other a...
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    Buying wine at the winery for discount at retailer in UK

    I like to buy my wine at wineries when I am travelling the world. Does anyone know if there is a way to buy the wine at the winery but have it delivered from a stockist in the UK so that I don't have to go through the import process? Thanks!
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    What italian wine do you prefer?

    In italy i work with wine, i have a small winery, and i'd like to know what kind of italian wine is common all around the world? Prosecco, amarone, lambrusco or what else? In germany i sell lots of prosecco and Buttafuoco, a red wine originated near Pavia, in the Oltrepò Pavese aerea.
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    Wine wedding advice

    Hi there. Looking for some wine matching advice for the following wedding menu. We're getting married in October. We've chosen the food, we just need to find the wine. Budget per bottle is £10 or €12 / $14. We're looking for a single white for the starter. Probably two reds for the main and...