wine books

  1. David Crossley

    Benjamin Lewin Alsace Book: Any Good?

    Having bemoaned a lack of a book on Alsace I notice Benjamin Lewin wrote one (2018) which I hadn’t come across. Now I’m betting it hasn’t been much read here, because the Alsace fans have so much knowledge and expertise themselves, but if anyone has, I would love to know what they think? I...
  2. David Crossley

    The New Wine Book Thread

    I am sure there was a thread on wine books etc once but I can't find thought I'd start a new one. Main reason, I'll be in Foyles tomorrow at some point, and they usually have more wine books than most. I've recently finished Anthony Rose's "Sake and the Wines of Japan" (Infinite Ideas...
  3. David Crossley

    Wine Book Queries

    Two new wine books caught my eye recently and I'm really keen to find out whether anyone has any feedback which will help me decide whether to buy them. The first is Paul Strang's "Languedoc-Roussillon" (2nd edn, 2017) which I think came out at the fag end of last year. I do have his now...
  4. David Crossley

    Wink Lorch New Book Kickstarter

    Tom has kindly approved this post, including allowing the link at the end. Many of you, I know (because your names are in the book) helped to fund Wink Lorch's excellent Jura book, which won the André Simon Prize a couple of years ago. Wink now plans to follow this up wit a book on Alpine...