1. A

    TN Strange aromas in wine

    The world of wine has gone crazy. Recently I noticed that almost every wine contains some foreign aromas. By the way, the same applies to coffee. And just like in coffee, I want to have the aroma of coffee, but definitely not vanilla, chocolate, nuts or other strange ones, I don't want them in...
  2. Mark Temple

    Wine in La Palma

    Just the start of my wine odyssey in this most dazzling of a dazzling group of islands... two entry-level Negramolls from the west of the island. The Tendal is a good deal more interesting, though I know Vega Norte make some very good wines higher up their range (these wines cost less than five...
  3. A

    Wine delivery to your car - Of any interest?

    Hi all, I'm working with a company that lets you get deliveries of wine to your car boot. Actually you can get any deliveries, but I thought wine might be helpful! This is how it works - When the courier is at the house delivering, you give them one-time access to your car boot from wherever...
  4. O

    Sourcing bulk wine

    Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm wondering if any of you kind folk on here might be able to advise me, I'm looking to source some unbottled, Bulk wine at relatively low volumes (c. 1000l white and 1000l red, although this is TBC). Not too concerned about it's origin at this...
  5. J

    What is this wine?

    Hey guys! I have a bottle of wine where of which I cannot figure out the origin and the value. I'm not thinking of selling this bottle, but since I cannot figure out what this is, my curiousity has been created. I hope someone can help me with this, thanks in advance! Greets, Joep
  6. F

    Many Books about Wine

    I have spoke to Mr Cannavan about this a few months' back and he said it was ok for me to put this on the forum. ---------------------- My step-father recently died. He was an avid wine collector and had quite a few books on the subject that he collected over the years. I would like to sell...
  7. S

    wine and biodynamics

    Does the same wine show differently depending on the day and the cycle of the biodynamic calendar? What do you think? (Sorry if this has been asked but I searched and didn't see anything)
  8. S

    Wine label

    What is your favorite wine label? I like the following one with the Braille. Do you think the label matters at all?
  9. S

    Blind tasting of the wine

    Have you ever tried blind tasting of the wine? If yes, what was your experience about it? If no, would you like to try?
  10. S

    How do you chose the wine that you buy?

    Hey. How do you usually chose wine? Do you check feedback in the Internet? Do you ask friends or relatives? Or maybe you use the services of sommelier?
  11. S

    Good Films About Wine

    I recently watched a good film about wine called “Bottle Shock” (2008). Can you advice some other good movies about wine?
  12. J

    Travel Rome restaurant/wine bar recommendations?

    Anyone got any restaurant/wine bar recommendations in Rome, particularly if they are near to Campo de' Fiori? Thanks!
  13. L

    Travel Taxes import

    Hey all, I'm doing some business with my Italian cousin. The other week he brought a selection of wines over and we did a few taster sessions with some restaurants and got some really positive reviews. We want to start bringing more of this stuff into the UK from Italy but we're struggling to...
  14. B

    NWR Where can i buy hight quality wine on-line?

    I want to send a high quality wine to a friend for a special event. Can you suggest me a wine ecommerce? Best regards
  15. S

    Buying wine at the winery for discount at retailer in UK

    I like to buy my wine at wineries when I am travelling the world. Does anyone know if there is a way to buy the wine at the winery but have it delivered from a stockist in the UK so that I don't have to go through the import process? Thanks!
  16. Mark Temple

    Travel Southern Cyprus

    Using up my remaining holiday allowance... I'm going to Cyprus for 4 days next month. Looking forward to it, as I have so far neglected the Eastern Mediterranean somewhat. Will have a car and, as I'll be on my own, I am intending to use it ;) I think I will have two nights in Limassol and two...
  17. S

    What italian wine do you prefer?

    In italy i work with wine, i have a small winery, and i'd like to know what kind of italian wine is common all around the world? Prosecco, amarone, lambrusco or what else? In germany i sell lots of prosecco and Buttafuoco, a red wine originated near Pavia, in the Oltrepò Pavese aerea.
  18. Luke Hector

    Beginner Wine Drinker - Buying My First Cabinet

    Hi! I've enjoyed wine for a while but mainly while out on meals or having a get-together. I intend to do more hosting at my place as well as subscribe to a wine case provider and so I want to start storing my wines in something suitable for them. However not knowing much about the subject...
  19. J

    High tannins and high acidity

    Hi. I'm getting into wine and am noticing that I like lots of acidity with lots of tannin as well. What grapes would fit this description generally? Red wine only please. Thank you!
  20. B

    UK wine brexit boost?

    What are people's thoughts on the weak pound helping UK winemakers? UK beer and wine makers await post-Brexit export boom