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  1. Tom Cannavan

    Wines of the Year - CLOSING for business

    All, I have just published my own Wines of the Year, the feature including the link to the submission form so that you can send in your lists for publication. I hope everyone is encouraged to participate, regulars, irregulars and lurkers. Wines of the Year 2017 | wine-pages
  2. Tom Cannavan

    Wines of the Year open for business!

    Apologies for the slightly late arrival of the 2016 WotY. But it is here: my list of the best wines in eight categories, plus the usual 'dud' and 'thing' has just been published at the link below, where there is also a link to the submission form: please do get your entries in (and not the...
  3. S

    What italian wine do you prefer?

    In italy i work with wine, i have a small winery, and i'd like to know what kind of italian wine is common all around the world? Prosecco, amarone, lambrusco or what else? In germany i sell lots of prosecco and Buttafuoco, a red wine originated near Pavia, in the Oltrepò Pavese aerea.
  4. Tom Cannavan

    Wines of the Year open for business

    I am guessing that everyone will have seen it on the home page anyway, but just to say I have published my Wines of the Year - - and the annual call for you to send in your lists for publication is now, officially, open.