10 year old whisky thread

I am beginning this thread as more often than not I prefer 10 year old or 12 year old offerings (or even younger if we allow Laguvullin 8 yo 200 Anniversary) over 15 year old and older. Generally I prefer my whisky to taste more alive. If I want to drink something which tastes so mellow then I would rather drink XO Cognac or Armagnac. I will begin posting some reviews here, currently I have in my home Ardbeg 10 yo and Talisker 10 yo and relatively recently I have finished Aberlour 10 yo, before that Port Charlotte 10 yo (2nd Edition) and Bruichladdich 10 yo (2nd Edition) and a more distant memory Springbank 10yo. Would be interested to hear if any other forumites prefer their whisky at a similar age and what you like.
Peated/coastal whisky is usually good at this age, hence Ardbeg 10, Talisker 10 and Laphroaig 10. The phenolics show well in younger whisky which is the point of them.

Generally non peated whisky, Sherry Cask whiskies and especially Speyside whisky takes on more character with greater age, 12,15,18- I rarely go for anything older than that because of the cost.

My favourite 10 yo whiskies are
I am yet to try Hazelburn and it is certainly on the list. I get your point re Islay / Island peated whiskies being more appropriately drunk younger.

Last night had Talisker 10 which I think is not nearly as good as Ardbeg 10 where the natural presentation (not chill filtered or coloured) really makes a difference.
Just picked up Springbank 10yo. Paid £46 in a store which I know is more than online. All in all a fair price I say though as quality is up there.

I remember not that many years back when I could get the same for £35 and the 18 yo was about £80something. Now the 18 yo is well over £100 (I can't remember how much but a three digit number). Prices keep climbing.