1956 Wines / Ports ?


Whilst i await privilidges into the vinxchange

im trying to source some 1956 port or wines - i am a wine merchant by trade but tend not to deal in stuiff of this age my usual channels for this sort of thing have come up dry!

so i thought id ask for some forum advice the bottles arnt to be sold on for profit as per usual stock and im just doing some digging for a friend who has a special occasion coming up and asked me if i could source something.

any pointers on reputable sources??

thanks for any help.
There'll be a price premium in 2016 of course... Though the corollary of that is that there'll probably be some colheita ports, Rivesaltes etc on the market. They're always reliable when looking for a specific vintage.
Armagnac is a good bet too.

For 60th birthday gifts there's always the copout of a bottle of 40yo tawny & a bottle of 20yo tawny
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Barolo is a possibility and I recall a merchant (who I believe was being honest) recommending Fontanafredda in that year (and era). Probably you're looking at ~ £70-90 a bottle in Italy