1989 Macallan whisky

Have been approached re an investment in this whisky which I gather is going to be bottled in 2024
Anyone here no anything about this particular whisky and whether it is worth the estimate of £300,000 for the cask.
Seems very high but what do I know !
Not quite the same thing Keith but I had an email yesterday (guess you may have had the same yourself ?) from a St James Street, London merchant inviting me to register my interest (don't have any interest as don't drink whisky, spirits etc), closing date 23rd April, in a "very limited and rare release of Mortlach 47 year old" described as 'Speyside's Best Kept Secret'.

Whisky collectors invited to submit their interest to purchase one bottle at (a mere) £10,000. Having no interest, and hence no related knowledge, I've no idea how many bottles a cask might produce, but am sure those in the know can 'do the math' as our American friends might put it which might give a comparison to the approach you've had. In my readily admitted total ignorance on the subject matter I had no idea bottles could command such sums. Think I'll stick to Burgundy - that's tricky enough !
Not the same offer Mark. Gather there are 217 bottles in a cask ?
If I had any interest it would be as an investment but the numbers quoted are typically wildly optimistic

£7595 per bottle for an independent bottled Macallan 35 would indeed be classed as "wildly optimistic". Personally I think the market is already over valued and the prospect of it continuing at its current pace for another five years would seem slim, but who knows. If 217 bottles is the current estimate that will fall too over the years
Just following this conversation about Macallan I often stay near the distillery and when last there the annual release of a 'special' Macallan bottling was sold exclusively at their on-site shop. The queue of punters was so long that the road leading to the distillery needed to be marshalled by the local police to avoid the queue and other drivers being involved in an accident.

Certain distilleries are very collectable by people with money in all corners of the globe (Macallan being one of the most sought after), and the producers certainly know their high end punters to a tee. The new Macallan distillery visitor centre and shop is quite a place to behold - they must have flogged a lot of scotch in the past to build it.
just as an extra warning I heard recently that some people who have been known to massively overinflate wine process and sell them to pensioners as investments have now moved into the barrels of whisky business. Fortunately keith had the sense to google it where many sadly do not.