2002 wines at 20 years of age…

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Wine of the year so far. Unbelievably fresh. A melange of cherry, plum, cinnamon, liquorice and Middle Eastern spices.

As textural, complex and thought provoking a wine as I can recall. Every mouthful reveals something different.

It don’t think it gets much better than this.
Fascinating! And presumably it was natural in 2002, showing that natural wines do age (although, I guess with Musar being unofficially natural, I already knew that!)
Austria - Wimmer-Czerny 'Felserberg' Gruner Veltliner.

That is quite ambitious. 2002 was not a good year in Austria. I had a 2002 Smaragd a while ago that still quite drinkable but clearly tired and Wagram is following the Wachau weather closely.
Wimmer-Czerny's wines are typically built to last (just had a 2009 Riesling the day before yesterday and it was still vey good but also no reason to wait) but 2002 maybe stretching it a bit. Having said that I am looking forward to hear your impressions!
Andrew Stevenson's note on his 2002 Fred Loimar Gruner Veltliner reminded me that I opened the 2002 Wimmer-Czerny 'Felsenberg' Gruner Veltliner last month. It seems to me that his notes are not far off what I experienced with my bottle. I decanted the wine in a small carafe and the colour was a lovely yellow gold. At first it was closed but as it warmed up and aired it gained intensity and depth of fruit. Like Andrew we found ripe fruit, pear in particular, and a rich rounded mouthfeel that lingered, with sufficient acidity to carry it forward. A hint of sweetness also did it no harm. It's definitely a fully mature wine but is far from over the hill. If I can add one more thing I would say that I was taken by the intensity of the wine, its depth and persistence. Just imagine, two 20 year-old Gruner Veltliners in this thread. Kudos to Austria.

By the way, this was a 'last supper' at home before flying overseas. The other wines of note were a 1989 La Dominique, a 2004 Sena, and a 2001 Marin Picolit which was surpringly alive and intense.

Cheers .................. Mahmoud.
'02 Nicolas Potel Grand Cru Clos de la Roche - I bought this wine to the '02 Burgundy Dinner at Noize in May and it along with a number of other wines on the night was quite underwhelming to say the least, which was a massive shame as a previous bottle in December last year had ended up being my wine of the year. A belated anniversary dinner at Les 2 Garcons last night seemed to be a good opportunity for another outing. Served just above cellar temp and allowed to warm in the glass, which whilst not big Burgundy bowls, were sufficient. Initially a little tight and stemmy on the nose with some typical Morey spice and a hint of wildness on the nose (I also am suffering from a cold!). It was a lovely array of aged red fruits and cherry confit, with a hint of coffee bitterness at the back. All in all a lovely drop, maybe a little lite for its GC status but still a very delicious bottle and perfect match with some fabulous autumnal cooking