TN 2012 Wittmann „Morstein“ GG

2012 Wittmann „Westhofener Morstein“ GG

Wittmann is back on track. After the disappointing performance of 2011 Brunnenhäuschen/Morstein/La Borne last week I am relieved that this 2012er is quite convincing with is power, minerality, fruit density and complexity. It starts with a smoky&spicy bouquet and continues with a smoky minerality, dense fruit of quince&apricot, spice and all wrapped in an elegant shell. I was tempted to open it by the new issue of Mosel Fine Wines (Issue No 61), as they praised the GG and grant 96/100. Here is their TN:

"The 2012er Morstein Riesling GG, as it is referred to on the front label, has a gorgeously refined and magnificently complex nose of anise, smoke, flint, candied grapefruit, prune, thyme, rosemary, black tea, smoked herbs, splendid fine spices, and a dash of petrol. The wine has great presence yet also pure finesse and zest on the palate. The intensity is quite breathtaking and the finish is bone-dry and superbly playful as zesty, salty, and spicy elements interplay with subtle tartness. This is a stunning expression of dry Morstein!" Now-2042