2016 Barrua, my first ever Sardinian wine

2016 Barrua, Indicazione Gografica Tipica

This had a deep, gorgeous color and a restrained nose of plums and confectionary. The wine was quite rich, with almost an oily texture ont the palate. There were overtones of figs and other dried fruit and a sweetness without sugar. This is undoubtedly due to the 15° alc./vol.
A fun wine, a good winter wine with Italian food.
Grape varieties: Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.
I’ve never been to Sardinia or nearby Corsica. Must make it there one of these days…

Best regards,
Alex R.
A very strange wine for me. Indeed I deliberately took a bottle to a WIMPS lunch, and opinion if I remember rightly was divided . Expensive for what is , is my take. Wouldn’t reorder.
I like the Sardinian wines I have had very much. For some reason, I love grenache when produced in Sardinia (as cannonau) but have yet to fine one I like from elsewhere.

I've been really tempted to try some of the Dettori wines, but the amazing alcohol levels always put me right off.
I love Dettori and wish we could get them to sell again. The Moscadeddu lives in the memory though I've only had one bottle. The alcohol level expressed as a number doesn't correlate with the taste or the drinking experience as far as I'm concerned with freshness and complexity the main takeaways.