3 Floyds Brewing Co. Apocalypse Cow Imperial IPA (11%)

I'll start with a two-word summary: bloody awful!

3 Floyds - from Munster, Indiana - is one of those U.S. breweries enjoying cult status. Like Stone, they like to take a beer style and spin it around, turn it upside down and see what comes out at the end after they've added all sorts of adjuncts. Their beers are always a hit or miss affair for me.

Apocalypse Cow (described by 3 Floyds as "not normal") is a monster of an IPA augmented with lactose milk sugar. The missus and I shared a 22oz bomber in a pair of tulip glasses.

Straight off, it was very sweet with an intense dankness. Tropical fruits and floral hops were also spinning around the flavour profile, but the heavy dankness with a bucket-load of malt really took control of this beer.

The lactose milk sugar added an extra sweetness and gave the body a bizarre velvety creaminess which really showed itself in the finish. You could have called it a hopped up milk stout.

For me, the creamy sweetness combined with both tropical and dank flavours were a confusing mess...just truly horrible. One for the sink. That said, my wife really liked it and it scored 93 on Beer Advocate and 99 on RateBeer, so I'm clearly in the minority.

After that mess, we opened up two bottles of 3 Floyds Zombie Dust - now this is a beautiful beer!