Auction A truly outstanding Auction

Ladies and gents I give you The Fine Wine Sale February 2021 A magnum opus that is, so far as I can see, the very best collection of wines for sale at any auctioneer anywhere in the country right now. With lots starting from anywhere between £30 and £17000, everyone is welcome and indeed able to join in. There are some astoundingly good wines in here for the drinker, collector and investor. Some are in pristine cases, some have labels that have seen better days but all have been very well looked after. The list of superstar estates in here is too long to bother you with but if we say that we start with Equipo Navazos, do a grand tour of the great names of Bordeaux and burgundy, bask in the warmth of the rhone valley both north and south, take a trip through Italy and then land up with some stunning mature penfolds reds you get the idea.