Alcohol-free beers

Mmm. I quite enjoyed Seedlip, but it does seem somewhat overpriced. I've had a go at making my own herbal concoctions, and while not as good as Seedlip, are somewhat less expensive, and can provide a bit of fun to some sparkling water.
If you believe the blurb, Seedlip is more expensive to make than a bottle of gin.

it can be found for £20 a bottle on Amazon.
I finally tried the 0% Guinness. The first can was cool but not fridge temperature cold and suffered a bit as a result. The second can today at 4 degrees was much better. I’m not a Guinness drink ordinarily but this is all the same a good effort.
We're big fans in our house of mixing equal parts Beck's Blue (0.0%) with a normal Beck's (5% I think it still is) to produce a low-alcohol version of Beck's that tastes almost as good as the normal if not better for being slightly lighter, and can be tucked into with abandon.

Also another vote for the Small Beer company, although I preferred the lager to the IPA which like almost all modern IPAs is overhopped.
I'm not convinced by the idea of a G&T substitute. It's a drink I'm only likely to want to drink as an alcohol delivery system.
I’m not looking for something to substitute for the flavour of gin per se. What I’m after are a range of interesting botanicals to mix as long drinks. My alcohol free journey continues and as much as AF beers are great I enjoy a long drink as well.

The first person to make a genuinely good AF “wine” will make a lot of money. The current choices are #grim and little more than coloured/white sugar water