Amazon - corked DP

Bought for my son's 18th and was shockingly corked, but that didn't seem to stop him and his mates knocking it back pronto!
I had a similar experience when opening a bottle of Champagne for the birthday of an elderly neighbour.

By the time I realised it was badly corked the rest of the room was necking it, toasting, and making appreciative noises. I decided not to spoil the moment, but found I needed to do something in the kitchen urgently - nobody noticed I returned with an empty glass.

Can't remember whether I claimed a refund for that or not. Strictly speaking, you could argue it was "fit for purpose"

Tom Cannavan

Once bought a case of 12 Mumm Cuvee Napa for a significant anniversary party my parents were hosting. It was at a hotel where I'd arranged BYO on the fizz 7 of the 12 were corked and unserveable. I'm not convinced the other 5 were perfect, but they were consumed without incident.