NWR Ask the wine-pages encyclopedia: computers for tech-illiterate

Just a quick update, which might be useful for forumites providing remote IT support for elderly relatives. Or indeed receiving it!

I've been using TeamViewer with Windows 10 for a couple of years now, more-or-less successfully. But it does have some drawbacks:
- The remote user needs to be logged in, so if there is a problem getting that far it is useless
- The remote user has to read out a remotely generated password for each support session, which was sometimes challenging for my dad to ennunciate, and me to hear/understand
- The remote app has a window that can get hidden under other ones, and it also sometimes pops up other windows that need to be dismissed - this is precisely the sort of thing Dad finds difficult to handle.

I've recently switched to RealVNC, which has none of these issues. It runs as a service on the remote machine, so can be used even when not logged in, and I get instant access to the remote machine with one click in my app. I use the Home edition, which is free - you may need to search around for it as RealVNC try to push the paid-for versions in your face more.

On the downside, there is quite a faff creating an account - with which you can associate up to 5 remote machines. That initial faff put me off a few years ago when I first looked at, but it turned out to be well worthwhile. I was concerned there would be constant nagging to upgrade, but there has been none so far.

Incidentally, it seems RealVNC is a lot more open/free with Linux machines. I started using it with my Raspberry Pi, and that is how I decided to give it another look for Windows.