Auf wiedersehen Stone Brewing Berlin

Just read in the local San Diego press that due to a myriad number of reasons, Stone are selling their Berlin brewery - to BrewDog, of all people. It'll be interesting to see what success BrewDog can make of it, considering all the problems Stone faced. BrewDog takes over the Berlin site at the end of April.

There’s some irony here as Stone supremo - Greg Koch - grew up just outside Columbus, Ohio and that’s where BrewDog opened their U.S. brewery and several pubs in the city, plus the BrewDog hotel, with beer taps in each room.

And, we lived in Columbus for a number of years after moving there from the U.K. There’s a story here somewhere...

We talked to some folks at Stone Brewing in Liberty Station San Diego tonight and they said the rumours are there are “many changes” in the air. Stone is also embroiled in a law suit against MillerCoors over name copyright, so there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the country’s ninth-largest craft brewery.

As we love to say...stay tuned!
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