Australia Day WIMPS Lunch

I can't believe that this is the first thread on this epic lunch. I am feeling a little bit fuzzy this morning and so have gone up and down the Forum at least twice trying to find the posting but with no joy. As such here goes with my thoughts from the 'Very Naughty Table"

As ever the organisation of the staff at La Trompette was fantastic and the lunch was superb. The number of comments about how the quality of the food just keeps getting better at each visit was I think less about it coming from a low starting point but more about how fantastic it continues to be, building on every visit. As ever the company on David Unaipon was tremendous. It was great to see some old faces and the regular reprobates for one of the funniest lunches in a long time. The vinous delights were as follows:

NV Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs - Aÿ - Served with Ham & Cheese Toastie

I was reliably informed by our Charlie expert that this is the only BdB produced in Aÿ. But what a cracker it is. Light straw coloured with a lovely mineral chalky nose reminiscent of a quality Chassagne Montrachet. A lovely lick of acidity on the attack but fanning out delightfully through the palate, quite rich for a BdB but really delicious. The ham & cheese toastie was not like any toast I have had before and a great amuse bouche.

Flight 2 Served with Yellowfin sashimi, blood orange, bonito & wasabi

2008 Grosset Springvale Riesling

Pale golden straw colour, relatively deep for a riesling but with 9 years of age not a surprise. A fantastic typical Aussie rising nose of kerosene and lime but with a hint of mandarin underneath. The quality of the fruit coming through, very pure and clean. Absolute quality on the palate, so smooth and just in perfect place.

2007 Grosset Polish Hill Riesling

A slightly deeper colour that the above but pretty similar. The nose as a slightly richer more unctuous aspect to it and with a touch of air and a swirl this just go richer and more enticing. A fantastic biting lime attack slightly belies the promise of the nose but is nonetheless superb. Great length and structure. This feels super young and has plenty in the tank.

2013 Tolpuddle Chardonnay

This is a Shaw & Smith venture in Tasmania and I had been looking forward to trying this wine having been really impressed by their Pinot Noir. This turned out to be a bit of an odd beast, initially quite sulphurous which blew off, quite austere on the nose with some cabbagey elements. With time in the glass it settled down and developed a very mineral aspect, more Chablis like. A quite linear palate and a little one dimensional, not quite sure where this will go but it needs time.

The two Rieslings were exceptional and the food was sublime, although as noted by the esteemed Mr Tilney I am not sure that they complimented each other. However each on their own were a delight.

Flight 3 - Served with Lamb, sunchoke and truffle.

2015 Artwine Saint Vincent Pinot Noir - Adelaide Hills

This was a new find on his recent travels by Mr Oldfield who by his own admission doesn't tend to get on with Aussie Pinots but like this one. The colour was very deep, almost claret like, a quite rich slightly confected nose, definitely a young wine made in a robust manner. Quite a dense bouquet and if served blind I am not sure I would pick it as an obvious Pinot. Quite stemmy on the palate but surprisingly linear and structured which again slightly belies the nose. Very smooth and tasty.

2014 Timo Mayer Yarra Valley Pinot Noir

If you haven't seen the labels for Timo Mayers wines then check them out. I met him a couple of years ago and asked him whether he had any copyright issues with a famous Gevery Chambertin producer as there is an uncanny resemblance to some Chambertin labels!! The colour on this wine, whilst still quite rich was a darker garnet. The nose is a little high-toned at the moment and again a touch stemmy. It feels a little disjointed and will need time to settle down but think it will do over the next couple of years. A super smooth drop that danced across the palate, this is classy but young.

Food combination was fantastic, even despite some of the more dubious comments from around that table about the sun choke looking like a variety of mini sex toys and genitalia. As I say it was a very naughty table!!

Flight 4 - Served with Barbecued beef, ceps and brown sauce

1999 Yarra Yerring Dry Red No.1 - Yarra Vally

I think if you were served this blind without knowing its origin you would think it was a classed growth Bordeaux from a warm vintage (admittedly I don't drink a lot of Bordeaux!!). Absolute class in a glass. An impenetrable blackcurrant coloured core with some slight bricking at the edge and great lividity. Fabulous nose of cedar and cases, really classic cab' sauv' elements. So smooth on the palate and with great length, just super tasty.

1996 D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz - McLaren Vale

Lots of thoughts and tasting notes on this wine over the years, potentially quite divisive and old school Aussie shiraz. 21 years old and still with an inky black core. again some light bricking at the edge. Fabulous nose, old saddle leather, dense rich black fruits. Slightly heady nose but with some cooler tones. So smooth, so rich and whilst I don't drink a lot of this type of wines these days it is in a wonderful place and was a joy.

1996 E7E Black Pepper Shiraz - Barossa Valley

Another old school epic shiraz from the Barossa this time. The nose showing lots of crushed fennel and saddle leather. A bit more savoury with roasted meat juices to the fore. Again super smooth and silky across the palate. Whilst not the most structured of palates it was like drinking a warm hug, delicious and life affirming on a cold January afternoon.

The food was an epic match for the Shiraz wines but rather overwhelmed the Yarra Yerring which I left till afterwards and it didn't suffer in comparison. Having said that, I have rarely had a better accompanying dish which complimented the wines so brilliantly.

Flight 5 - Served with Passion fruit and finger lime pavlova

1988 Petaluma Botrytis Riesling

This was a real treat. A fabulous burnt caramel amber colour. This definitely has been built for the long haul. The nose replicated the colour burnt sugar and an underlying acidity just lifting the unctuousness of the fruit. A lovely matching with the pavlova cutting through the spring of the lime but with fabulous length and structure. All in all a fabulous end to the meal.

After this epic lunch the only sensible thing to do was to go home. Unfortunately I chose not to do that and so ended up in a variety of bars and dives with some decidedly unsavoury characters, predominantly that I had shared lunch with. Not sure I have laughed so much in one afternoon in a long time. Thank you as ever Don and all involved. It was a blast.
I knew if I waited long enough the conscientious note keeper would step in. Great notes and agree very much though I struggled a bit with the Tolpuddle even later, not bad but just a bit short of character. The matches were especially good with the meat though in retrospect the Yarra could have comfortably sat with the PNs.
Really nice to have a varied run of wines, I wonder how the Oz wimps line ups have diversified over recent years.
All good fun and relatively well behaved apart from Hambleton's revealing of his micro penis. I slid away after a rum settler to fight my way through the Chinatown crowds, so brain damage thankfully limited.
That 2013 Tolpuddle Chardonnay was my white dud of the year back in 2015.

I remember some back and forth about it with Mark C, I presume in the old forum.

There's a world of difference between lean and downright underripe which is what it was.

Such a disappointment doubly so as it's associated with Shaw and Smith producers of the sometimes excellent M3. Mind you as I noted in the Aus Chard thread back in September that has a fair amount of vintage variation.
Indeed, Gareth. I've just been searching the old Forum. I commented that the '13 had very mixed reviews on CT.
Karen & I drunk the '12 on two or three occasions & found it outstanding.

I noted the reports for this Wimps were tardy, as I suspected, due to an extended lunch. :cool: Very much regret missing the event. :(
I am a big fan of Yarra Yering Dry Red No 1.Have been drinking it for many years
Went to a vertical at the Ledbury a few years ago,and it was amazing how consistent the wines were over at least 30 years. Just as good as most Bordeaux
On behalf of Mustafa ( cab driver from Picadilly to East Finchley) and myself thank you guys for an excellent late Arvo. In regard to the wines the NV Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs - Aÿ was very good. Personally the Ham & Cheese Toastie was okay but nothing to write home about.

Yellowfin sashimi, blood orange, bonito & wasabi. This was excellent

In regard to the Rieslings and Chardie i thought the 2007 Grosset Polish Hill Riesling was excellent and the
2013 Tolpuddle Chardonnay ordinary to start but developed well and was pretty good later.

Lamb, sunchoke and truffle. Great tucker .
I was responsible for the 2015 Artwine Saint Vincent Pinot Noir - Adelaide Hills which was much heavier and brooding than it was at 10 am at the tasting table. it did improve some over the next hour or so.

2014 Timo Mayer Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. I thought this was young and lively and excellent to drink now.

Barbecued beef, ceps and brown sauce. Very rich dish . In regard to the vino the Yarra Yerring was as good as it gets from there and is in a great place. The 1996 D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz - McLaren Vale and the 1996 E7E Black Pepper Shiraz - Barossa Valley are very big and muscular but tended to overpower the Yarra Yerring.

Flight 5 - Served with Passion fruit and finger lime pavlova. I thought the marang a little gluey but the rest was excellent accompanied by
1988 Petaluma Botrytis Riesling. A little beauty supplied be the man on my right.

Great company and very good tucker. Many thanks to the people from the naughty table for the wines and early evening and especially to Don Reid who does a bloody lot to make it happen.

This was a great lunch and May share some more detailed thoughts soon.
For now though seems I also took the 2013 Tolpuddle to last years edition of this and we thought it was rubbish then as well!
WOTD for me was the Polish hill, and the best of a very good flight of reds with the beef was the E7E ...beautiful baby powder nose to start but powerful sweet fruit to follow.
Craig's/ Max's notes are both on the money
Food was as ever even better than prior.The Yellowfin was so unexpected.
The Don in a bowler hat was quite special.
Wimps is off to a great start for 2017
Have you tried Giaconda Estate shiraz? Recent vintages of this are even better than Warner in the opinion of the Estate. I fully concur.
Very late to this as I followed this up with another big lunch at the Medlar on Friday so only just recovered.

Boring to say that it is the company that makes these events special but it is true.

The difference for me was that this time the wines were pushed into third place by the superb cooking at La Trompette. Hugely impressive and for me a big improvement since my last visit a year ago in terms of precision and seasoning.

The wines were by no means shabby and I enjoyed them all except Ray's dodgy Tolpuddle. I liked both the Grossets and the Timo Meyer justified its price tag.

Now trying to get another pass to attend Germany / Austria next month.